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Q:  I found a stray dog, what do I do?
A:  First, take the dog to the local vet to see if it is micro-chipped.  If the dog does not have a chip, then consult our Contact Us page for best practices for lost and found

Q:  My dog has reoccurring skin problems, what should I do?
A:  For further information about skin problems, please visit our Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston's Skin Problems Information Page

Q:  I can’t afford to take care of my dog any longer, and I don’t know anyone who can take him from me. What can I do?
A:  Contact a Rescue organization for your dog’s breed.   If you own a Westie, Cairn, Scottie or Yorkie and can no longer take care of your dog, contact us. We will speak to you about your options. 

Q:  Does Westie Rescue Houston sell puppies?
A:  No.  We are not a breeder, but rather an organization that rescues and re-homes dogs. We rarely get puppies in our program. The average age of a rescued dog is 2-8 years old.

Q:  I want a dog to give as a gift; is Westie Rescue a good place to find a dog?
A:  No.  We only accept applications from potential owners themselves.  This is because we have to do rigorous vet and home checks to make sure the dog will be placed in a lifelong home.

Q:  I want a dog for my children, is a Westie a good fit?
A:  We generally do not adopt to families with small children, as Westies, and terriers in general, can be snappy with small children.

Q:  Do I really need to microchip my dog?
A:  Absolutely.  It takes just a split second for your pet to wander off and become separated from the family.  Now days, it is standard procedure for vets to check all strays for a chip as a first line of reuniting the dog with their owners. A microchip can also be used to prove that a dog is yours. A collar can be removed or lost, but a microchip will always be a way to identify your dog.

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