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Many of our volunteers are previous adopters.  Fostering as well as foster-to-adopt is worth considering when helping out your Westie Rescue.  Fostering follows a similar process as a regular adoption, in that the potential foster family fills out an application, but marks the ‘Foster’ check box, instead of the ‘Adopt’ check box.  Some questions we receive about fostering are:

Many people ask why would they would even consider fostering a dog with potential problems when they could adopt a ‘ready to go’ dog.  Positive aspects of fostering include:

Not all of our dogs have health problems. Many are 'ready to go' dogs. Also, there are many types of foster scenarios available to our volunteers. Some people prefer a long-term foster, some are only able to foster on a short-term basis. We have several foster-prospects available at any one time. If you are interested in fostering a dog, please fill out the Volunteer Application by clicking the button below:

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