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Skin Problems:
Westies and other dogs are often said to have "allergies" and "skin problems".  Some of these skin problems are also known as Malassezia Dermatitis or Yeast Infection. 

We, at Westie Rescue Houston, have taken in and successfully treated many dogs including Westies, Cairns, Scotties and Yorkies.  With the help of our vet, our success rate is very good. Below are photos of some of the dogs we have had in our program.  In most all cases, these dogs' skin healed, hair grew back and they went on to lead normal lives in new homes.

If you would like to know more about this, please contact us at Westie Rescue Houston.




Notice several things in comparing photos:  hair loss, red and black skin and rear feet severely swollen

Katy - prior to treatment

Katy - Week 3
Notice changes:
hair regrowth,
red skin going away, feet less swollen

Katy - Week 5
Notice changes:
hair regrowth on inner thighs, 
chest, feet as well as skin color lightening

Katy - Week 12
Katy is a happy new dog!

Katy Week 1




Katy is a beautiful dog now isn't she?

Katy is not on any allergy medicine.  She is not taking steroids or antibiotics.  Katy is eating Flint River Ranch Fish and Potato dog food.  She also gets Acidophilus daily as a supplement.  In most cases, this horrible illness can have a happy ending.  Katy took a low dosage of antifungal medicine for 60 days and was shampooed in antifungal shampoo and her diet was changed.
If your dog has similar symptoms and you wish to find out more about how we have helped our rescues get better, please contact Kathy at Westie Rescue Houston.






When Molly came to us, her skin was so bad that almost all her hair had fallen out and her skin had become black, leathery, swollen and hot to the touch. It has taken over a year to make Molly better.  



Molly Before 1








He was one of our bad cases.  This little guy just about broke our hearts.  He is all better and adopted!  Thank you for your financial help and all the good wishes...  


Oscar Before 1

Oscar Before 3


Oscar After 1





Staci is a Scottish Terrier.  Photo 1 is the day we got Staci from the SPCA.  Her owner turned her in to the SPCA to be put to sleep because they couldn't handle her skin problems. In addition to yeast, we had to treat Staci for mange.  Staci's progress was very slow and she was in a lot of discomfort.  Staci's foster mom and dad adopted her and she is a very happy little girl now. 


Staci Before 1

Staci Before 2


Staci After 1

Staci After 2




DiDi weighed 11.8 pounds the day she came to us. She had a serious case of yeast infection, was severely malnourished, ear infections, heartworms and was not spayed.  With much support from the Westie community and lots of anti-fungal shampoo baths, fungal medicine and Flint River Trout and Potato food, DiDi overcame her skin problems, was treated for heartworms and found a wonderful family who treats her like the treasure that she is.  It took 6 months for DiDi to become a diamond.  Her savior was a Beagle Rescue Volunteer who, fortunately, saw a "diamond in the rough" when DiDi showed up at her doorstep.  This volunteer saw a little hint of a Westie in there and contacted us.  When DiDi went to her new home she was a happy healthy 20 pound jewel!



Katy and Family





Taz Before 1

Taz Before 2


Taz After 1

Taz After 2




Others 1

Others 3




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