I found a stray dog, what do I do?

First, take the dog to the local vet to see if it is microchipped. If the dog does not have a chip, then consult our Lost and Found page for best practices for lost and found.

My dog has reoccurring skin problems, what should I do?

For further information about skin problems, please visit our Skin Problems Information page.

I can’t afford to take care of my dog any longer, and I don’t know anyone who can take him from me. What can I do?

Contact a Rescue organization for your dog’s breed. If you own a Westie, Cairn, Scottie or Yorkie and can no longer take care of your dog, contact us. We will speak to you about your options.

Does Westie Rescue Houston sell puppies?

No. We are not a breeder, but rather an organization that rescues and re-homes dogs. We rarely get puppies in our program. The average age of a rescued dog is 2-8 years old.

I want a dog to give as a gift; is Westie Rescue a good place to find a dog?

No. We only accept applications from potential owners themselves. This is because we have to do rigorous vet and home checks to make sure the dog will be placed in a lifelong home.

I want a dog for my children, is a Westie a good fit?

We generally do not adopt to families with small children, as Westies, and terriers, in general, can be snappy with small children. See About the Breeds for more information.

Do I really need to microchip my dog?

Absolutely. It takes just a split second for your pet to wander off and become separated from the family. These days, it is standard procedure for vets to check all strays for a chip as a first line of reuniting the dog with their owners. A microchip can also be used to prove that a dog is yours. A collar can be removed or lost, but a microchip will always be a way to identify your dog.