Fostering is worth considering when helping out the Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston. Fostering follows a similar process as a regular adoption, in that the potential foster family fills out an application. Please consider fostering a friend as they wait for their forever home.

Some questions we receive about fostering:

Will I have to pay for all the medicines of a potentially sick dog while I am fostering?
No, all medicines for your foster dog will be supplied by Westie Rescue Houston as long as you foster the dog.
Do I have to pay for the dog’s food while I am fostering?
Yes, the foster family is responsible for feeding the foster dog a good quality dog food while in their care.
If I decide to adopt my foster dog, will I get the adoption fee waived?
No, the medicines, spay/neuter, initial vets fees still need to be covered and unfortunately, given the number of dogs we rescue each year, we are unable to cover those costs without the help of adoption fees.


  • Getting to see the progress of a skin condition repair itself
  • Appreciating eyes and ears, clean enough to see and hear
  • Knowing heartworm isn’t going to prematurely take a dog’s life
  • Witnessing a starving dog’s protruding ribs disappear with a proper diet
  • Transforming a timid animal into becoming a more trusting, loving companion
  • Showing a frightened dog that human contact is the norm, not the exception
  • Being there the day a sick, lethargic dog transforms and perks up and plays with toys

Not all of our dogs have health problems. Many are ‘ready to go’ dogs. Also, there are many types of foster scenarios available to our volunteers. Some people prefer a long-term foster, some are only able to foster on a short-term basis. We have several foster-prospects available at any one time. If you are interested in fostering a dog, please fill out the Volunteer Application by clicking the button below: