Pet Care Tips

Potty Training:

Many people shy away from adopting a male dog, for fear of them ‘marking’ on walls, table legs, etc. In actual fact, potty training a male dog, often times is far easier to do than a female dog! Simply using a human diaper wrapped around the midsection of a male dog, belt-style, and taped into place with masking tape or blue painters tape will catch any indoor ‘accidents’. You will find after a few days of regular, and routinely timed walks, the diaper used indoors is dry and no longer needed. (Note: remember to take the diaper off when outdoors.)

Bath Time:

When giving your dog a bath, a drop of mineral oil dropped into each eye, is useful for protecting the eyes from getting soap in them.

Confined Area:

If you need your dogs to be in a confined area, but do not want to crate them, use baby gates in doorways to confined them in a suitable room, such as a tiled kitchen.

Paper Training:

Puppy training pee-pads can be expensive. An alternative solution is to use human bed pads found at any discount or drug store.


Always have your phone number on your dog tags, even if he is micro-chipped. If your dog is found in the evening or weekend, there may not be a vet’s office open to scan your dog for a chip, and you would have to wait days longer to recover your pet, had you just had your number on his tags.

Lost Dog:

If you have an escape artist for a dog, have a dozen or more ‘Lost Dog’ posters already made up and laminated, so you can alert people of your missing pet as soon as possible. Your dog doesn’t want to wait til you get around to creating posters the next day, or longer, for you to find him!

Fleas and Ticks:

We recommend Advantage or Activyl Tick Plus for Topical Flea and Tick Prevention. We also recommend Nexgaurd (Monthly) or Bravecto (Every 12 Weeks) for oral flea and tick prevention.