Health & Skin Issues

Westie Health Issues

Westies are generally a hardy breed, but as with all purebred dogs, Westies can have health problems more common to their breed.

Some of the more common issues we have seen are skin problems, aggression, cancer, Addisons Disease, and Cushings Disease.

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Scottie Health Issues:

Scotties have very few genetic issues, but some may be predisposed to what is commonly termed as “Scottie Cramp”. This is brought on from stress and affects the dogs’ gait to the point where he may trip and fall. This is only a temporary loss of muscular control. Other issues include bleeding disorders, epilepsy, cancer and skin conditions.

Skin Issues

Westies and other dogs are often said to have “allergies” and “skin problems”. Some of these skin problems are also known as Malassezia Dermatitis or Yeast Infection.

We, at Westie Rescue Houston, have taken in and successfully treated many dogs including Westies, Cairns, Scotties and Yorkies. With the help of our vet, our success rate is very good.

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Further Information

Further genetic issues can be referenced at the Westie Club of America and the Scottish Terrier Club of America.